Videos, Presentation and Music / 3D Modeled Pens

  1. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 01:28:39

    I'm gonna start modeling pens in 3D for use in animations, collabs, intros, whatever Comments/feedback would be great if anybody has some, it took quite a while so I'd like to get it as perfect as I can :) [wyoutube]Of2AUetFZYM[/wyoutube] @Zombo

  2. Twine
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 01:41:25

    Caps need to be longer, grips need to be bulging where tip is underneath. Good effort, I like the idea :)

  3. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 01:45:47

    Yeah I worked for about an hour on the grips before posting on like 5 forums asking how to improve them, I'm still learning so when I get responses I'll fix the grips I'll lengthen the caps when I fix the grips, thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. Freeman
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 08:59:18

    What about an exploded view? That would be nice.

  5. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 16:07:34

    I was considering that next, I'd have to model the inside of every part then too but that shouldn't be too bad You mean like dissecting it into parts right? or actually exploding the pen into pieces? lol

  6. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 17:55:54

    @Zombo [wyoutube]TQjtsqhmLAs[/wyoutube] Thoughts?

  7. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 18:18:07

    I think when I've done 3 or 4 pens I'm gonna try to make a promo collab like "Spinner: Spinnerpeem; Pen of choice: Buster" and show the animation in the corner while he's spinning or something like that

  8. Freeman
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 19:40:28

    Yep I meant dissecting it into parts, but also the grips, tips, o-rings...

  9. shoeman6
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 21:00:07

    If you could model various parts, couldn't you virtually come up && model new mods and ideas using pieces which already exist? && Are you using actual dimensions or just making something that looks like it.

  10. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 21:28:30

    @shoeman6 It would be pointless, much easier to test things out irl than in CGI. Right now I was just guestimating dimensions but I plan on doing it exactly for the finished version I want to do a Kuzu next with the grip cuts and everything, if someone wanted to let me have/borrow one to model that would be great :D

  11. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 15 2011 21:32:16

    Help me come up with possible uses for this kind of thing, that way I can have them in mind while developing it:

      [*]Animations/Intros/Promotional Collabs [*]Having archived models of many pen components in order to test/make new mods [*]In depth visual tutorials on how to make difficult mods
    Any other possibilities?

  12. strat1227
    Date: Mon, May 16 2011 20:27:01

    My first crack at an RSVP body, comments?

  13. Frip
    Date: Mon, May 16 2011 21:53:29

    front is too short and thick. tips needs to be a little longer. but what am i talking about you know what an RSVP looks like :D

  14. strat1227
    Date: Mon, May 16 2011 22:08:16

    @Frip haha yeah but those are the kind of comments I need, it's hard to see that kind of stuff when you've been working on it like i said do them with real dimensions at some point, but for now I'm just trying to freehand model them

  15. strat1227
    Date: Mon, May 16 2011 22:40:41

  16. shoeman6
    Date: Mon, May 16 2011 22:51:28

    looks good, tip could use some work, seems a bit sharp, and the ribs need to be a bit closer together (near the tip of the pen).

  17. strat1227
    Date: Mon, May 16 2011 23:04:10

    @shoeman6 Hmm ok I'll check that out. It'll all be under the HGG grip most of the time, this only matters for the exploded view Here's what I have for HGG Grip/Tip so far. I need to figure out the best way to make the dimples in the grip, but I think this is looking pretty good so far :)

  18. Hippo2626
    Date: Tue, May 17 2011 05:07:39

    Nice stuff Strat. The sizes look a little werid. I think it could be really good for mod tut's. I just learned how to use autoCAD and I wanted to do some isometric and auto-graphic projections of mods. I think it would work really well with this.

  19. JC
    Date: Wed, May 18 2011 07:32:57

    Is this what you're trying to do? (first 5 seconds)

  20. Hippo2626
    Date: Wed, May 18 2011 09:01:09

    FPSB 4th did it too for the construction of an mx. I think Neptune did it

  21. strat1227
    Date: Wed, May 18 2011 17:17:43

    @Hippo2626 FPSB 4th? I didn't see any 3d modeling in that ...

  22. JC
    Date: Wed, May 18 2011 18:52:47

    Mhm, icic

  23. Hippo2626
    Date: Thu, May 19 2011 05:15:47

    @strat1227 the intro sequence. Where the RSVP and HGG materialise and then dismental to form an mx.

  24. strat1227
    Date: Thu, May 19 2011 06:05:48

    Haha when I googled FPSB 4th I saw a different video than that :dunno: Yeah that's pretty good but a more cartoon-y viewpoint, I'm trying to realistically model all the parts and have them archived to do anything with :)

  25. strat1227
    Date: Fri, May 20 2011 17:15:11

    not really related lol but whatever