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  4. Trading / Buying | threads: 899 | Posts: 20123

    Many pen spinners have difficulty finding the pens they want in their location. For that reason, this forum provides an easy way to find people to sell or trade your pens with. All transactions are conducted at the user's risk. You can also discuss about trading / buying here.

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  10. Where to find Pens in... | threads: 91 | Posts: 1779

    Use this subforum to discuss in details where to find pens in various parts of the world.

  11. Approved Tutorials | threads: 33 | Posts: 1395

    Good tutorials of decent mods will be listed here.
    Please refer to the guideline.

  12. Philosophy | threads: 24 | Posts: 742

    Why does one spin a pen? Does a pen really exist? Or is it just a figure of our imagination? These and other questions, ranging from the practical to the absurd, can be discussed here without people thinking you are weird.

  13. The Vault | threads: 62 | Posts: 1208

    The "hidden" place. Premium members and PS-addicts only. Here, you'll find some special treats that others aren't able to get.

  14. Tournaments & Ladders | threads: 54 | Posts: 2658

    Tournament and Ladder competitions will generate threads here.

  15. Hand Care | threads: 119 | Posts: 2278

    Worried about the consequences of prolonged practice? Wish you could have a more flexible and responsive hand? Come to this forum for everything related to your hands.

  16. Research Department Feedback | threads: 25 | Posts: 397

    If you have questions to ask the RD, post here.

  17. Tricks & Combos | threads: 9 | Posts: 56

    This branch focuses on research in the field of tricks and combos.

  18. Off-topic | threads: 1384 | Posts: 41204

    Got something non-PS related that doesn't fit the other forums? Then this is the place for it. Posting here is still subject to our Board Rules.

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    Use this section to discuss serious topics. This section is moderated.

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    All forum games (Mafia, etc.) go here.

  21. Shoutbox / Chatroom | threads: 7 | Posts: 761

    Use this forum to discuss about our chatroom and shoutbox or organize events and invite people to come.

  22. Arcade | threads: 28 | Posts: 405

    Discuss about the Arcade here.

  23. Temporary Bin | threads: 80 | Posts: 297

  24. UPSB Rules (MUST READ) | threads: 0 | Posts: 0

    Read our rules before posting on the board. Everyone is required to follow our board rules. Failure to comply with them may result in warnings and/or banning from this board.

  25. Fundamental Tricks | threads: 53 | Posts: 2277

    Reserved for discussion on the four fundamental tricks (ThumbAround, Charge, Sonic, and FingerPass) and their simpler variations. All other tricks do not belong here. This is a great place to start looking if you are just starting on Pen Spinning.

  26. Regular Pen Discussion | threads: 147 | Posts: 4142

    Each pen is different, and some are better for spinning than others. This forum focuses on discussing and reviewing regular pens. Do NOT use this section to discuss pen mods.

  27. Tutorials Pending Approval | threads: 195 | Posts: 2835

    Tutorials waiting for approval will be listed here. They still stay in this section indefinitely until the tutorial respects the guideline and/or the mod is improved to a decent level. Post your tutorials here.
    Please refer to the guideline.

  28. General Discussion | threads: 821 | Posts: 23660

    Can't find a place to post your PS topic under the other forums? Then post it here.

  29. Reports | threads: 1399 | Posts: 1681

    Reports and infractions will be generated here.

  30. Single Member & Tag Videos | threads: 2462 | Posts: 17706

    The place to show off your own cool videos. Whether you are a pro or just beginning, post up your video and get feedback from other users.

  31. Manipulative Arts | threads: 94 | Posts: 2650

    This is the place to talk about forms of manipulation other than PS.

  32. News & Announcements | threads: 47 | Posts: 917

    What's going on with our board? Look inside and get in touch with the latest changes on this site... Here, Administrators and Moderators will post important information about this board.

  33. Research Department | threads: 13 | Posts: 98

    This section contains all researches done in the UPSB, including the Naming Committee. The forum is further subdivided into major sections. Use the superforum for general discussions relevant to all branches of research.

  34. Pens & Mods | threads: 5 | Posts: 44

    This branch focuses on research in the field of pens and modding.

  35. Spammer's Bin | threads: 735 | Posts: 26274

    The pit of UPSB.
    WARNING: Enter at your own risk!

  36. Pen Brands Discussion | threads: 6 | Posts: 478

    Use this subsection to discuss pen spinning pens from modrod, zhigao, penz gearz, and other companies

  37. Advanced Tricks | threads: 321 | Posts: 6685

    Your place to ask about all your favorite pen tricks besides fundamentals. New tricks should also be posted here.

  38. Pen Modifications | threads: 228 | Posts: 19667

    Having a pen that you can spin is good start, but having a pen made especially for spinning might be the key to your success. This forum discusses what people do to their pens to make them better. All modding techniques, tutorials, inserts go here. Post your tutorials in the "Tutorials Pending Approval" subforum ONLY.

  39. Presentation | threads: 62 | Posts: 1808

    Pen Spinning is not just about doing tricks, but also about how you present them to your audience. This forum is reserved for those little things that make your performance better than everyone else's.

  40. Collaboration Videos | threads: 1421 | Posts: 9220

    All discussion about released organized videos take place here. Only final releases of videos will be showcased here.

  41. Collaboration Organization/Signups | threads: 489 | Posts: 14104

    Put all your signup threads here. You can also discuss potential collab ideas here.

  42. Videos, Presentation and Music | threads: 3 | Posts: 34

    This branch focuses on research in the field of filming and presentation mediums.

  43. Board Help | threads: 88 | Posts: 2062

    Discussion on how to use the message board and its various features. Note: Do not post test messages on this Forum. Use the Test Zone for that. DO NOT ASK PEN SPINNING QUESTIONS HERE.

  44. Linkages & Combos | threads: 156 | Posts: 1816

    Use this section to discuss your favorite linkages and combos.

  45. Gatherings / Meetings | threads: 210 | Posts: 6482

    Organization of gatherings go here. You can also find other spinners from your area here. Post your gathering videos in the Media section.

  46. Gathering, TV & Other Videos | threads: 228 | Posts: 1761

    Post gathering, TV show appearance and other miscellaneous Pen Spinning videos here.

  47. Pen Spinning Relations | threads: 30 | Posts: 540

    This branch focuses on research in the field of PS promotions and teachings.

  48. Board Comments | threads: 95 | Posts: 1556

    UPSB wants to be the best Pen Spinning board that you’ll ever use. Your feedback is important to us. Please post your comments here.

  49. Battlezone | threads: 1263 | Posts: 18628

    This is the place where friendly competitions are held. Whether they are small unofficial battles between two friends, or official tournaments held by our committee, they all belong here.

  50. Naming Committee | threads: 15 | Posts: 144

    The meeting place for the english community naming committee. All discussion, voting and other projects will be located here.

  51. Test Zone | threads: 425 | Posts: 1420

    Free space to test all your messages, codes, smilies, etc. If you are not familiar with the board, please post a test message in this Forum first. Note: This Forum will be periodically cleaned, so don't post anything of relevance in this Forum.

  52. Archive Bin | threads: 0 | Posts: 0

    Storage for Research material

  53. Member Introductions | threads: 1500 | Posts: 11722

    First time posting on the board? Or just feel like telling more about yourself than the member profile allows? Feel free to introduce yourself on this forum.