Tricks & Combos / [topic][1.6] Inverse Haitua

  1. Hippo2626
    Date: Tue, May 10 2011 09:29:28

    Perhaps we can figure out exactly what an inverse haitua is. It definitely starts from a TA ~ palmspin and ends with a TA. I did what I thought to be an inverse haitua awhile back missing the final TA but I'm not sure if it's right

  2. Iota
    Date: Wed, May 11 2011 02:17:46

    Do you mean a haitua "reverse"? You can't do an inverse of an around style trick, it'd have to be inside your fingers XDDD. Like you can't inverse TA, only normal/rev, FL/nonFL, etc.

  3. Hippo2626
    Date: Wed, May 18 2011 10:18:54

    I mean inverse. Apparently many have tried to figure out what it would look like so I thought we could. If we take inverse TA as a regual TA since a Haitua is a minicombo.

  4. Lindor
    Date: Sat, May 21 2011 00:08:23

    While talking about around, there is no inverse; the word is "inverted". It means : same rotation than the normal around, but beginning slot becomes the ending slot, ending slot becomes the beginning slot.

  5. strat1227
    Date: Sat, May 21 2011 00:51:06

    @Lindor I guess that's an FPSB term, no such term exists here Hippo is talking about something different than what you're talking about

  6. Iota
    Date: Sat, May 21 2011 04:51:57

    What i'm saying is, inverse by our definitions can only truly apply to non-around tricks like spin tricks or things such as conics; an inverse shadow is a normal shadow, but done on the opposite side of the hand, the palm instead of back, and an inverse sonic goes infront of the middle finger instead of behind. So, an "inverse" around couldn't truly exist, or at least not under that term, since there is no "other side" or opposite by which to make the pen go around your finger. So, I'd need to know what you're talking about to really understand what a good terminology of it would be, and what the trick you mean actually is, as the only variation of a hai tua that can be characterized by a single modifier such as inverse, reverse, etc., that i know of is reverse; however, as vicgotgame showed in at least one slomo clip, what people think is a true hai tua reverse really isn't quite it. If you were to do something like use inverse tricks, reverse, etc. whichever truly apply to the arounds consisting of the hybrid trick known as a hai tua, as in trick-by-trick modification, well, thats a different thing entirely. After all, there is a big difference between modifiying each individual trick or interrupted trick that makes up a hybrid, and modifying the hybrid as a whole (as far as I know, in many cases you can't even execute a component-by-component modified hybrid, as it'd become things that don't really link together anymore, or at the least something that's a new hybrid altogether). If you could, explain further what you mean, or maybe show a vid where you just use your other hand on the pen to show conceptually what you are thinking of, because as of my own current knowledge, I don't see specifically an Inverse hai tua, or any around trick/hybrid for that matter, as possible.

  7. Freeman
    Date: Sat, May 21 2011 11:51:53

    I agree with Iota. Are we talking about a palm up Handaround?

  8. Iota
    Date: Sun, May 22 2011 17:33:09

    Probably that's what he meant, if I had to guess, freeman.

  9. Lindor
    Date: Sun, May 22 2011 19:08:05

    strat1227 : It's not from FPSB, it's a term that was used by some spinners on UPSB v1, but it kinda disappeared later.

  10. strat1227
    Date: Sun, May 22 2011 19:22:19

    @Lindor Yes it's probably been deprecated since then and not official usage anymore, the full hybrid breakdown is much less confusing than using many name modifiers. I just meant maybe they still use it there, we don't here though