Naming Committee / [topic][5.4] Spinless

  1. Hippo2626
    Date: Sat, Mar 19 2011 03:04:43

    I think it about time we come up with a proper method of naming spinless. [B]General[/B] In general, I think the best way would be [B]Spinless (Trick name) (Fingerslots)[/B]. Some Examples: the starting sequence would be Spinless Tipped Sonic T1-T2 -> Spinless Tipped Sonic Rev. T2-T1 -> Spinless Tipped Sonic T1-T3 -> Spinless Tipped Sonic Rev. T3-T2 -> Spinless Tipped Sonic T2-13-14. At 0:09, Spinless Triangle Pass T12 At 0:18: Spinless Fl. Thumbaround Rev. TF-T2 Starting part would have some Spinless Wipers. (Sorry I can't stand breaking down wiper sequences.) [B]Isolations[/B] Like The general naming of Spinless, You could just be [B]Isolated (Trick Name) (Fingerslot)[/B]. Examples: Isolated Triangle Pass T12 At 0:02: Isolated Charge Rev. TF There is also a regular use of tables and P' to do isolations but that's probably assisted isolations [B]Stalls[/B] I think this is the hardest of them all Perhaps [B](Finger/body part position) (Position it symbolises, If necessary) Stall (Finger/body part notation)[/B] What I mean for the position it symbolises part is, to differentiate the different ways of balancing the pens on the finger, we would use tricks names that spin on that area. For Example, At 0:08 , it would be an index basketball stall 1 At 0:16, it would be an index back stall 1 At 0:33, It would be an Inverse Ring back stall 3 At 0:54, It would be a Pinky Tipped Stall 4 However, things like the Palmhold, Balancing tricks (At 0:19) I have no idea. [B]Rolling[/B] This ones a little hard as well. There needs to be a way to name the roll to show where it's rolling and the direction. Perhaps we can use the Arm roll. It'll be [B](Bodypart it's rolling from) Roll (Slot to slot)[/B] The finger slot to slot part discussion is Here (Probably gonna; need to firm up the details on that thread so we can probably name this part better 'cause rolls often include body part other than the hand). A traditional arm roll would then be palm roll P-W -> Arm roll W-A For the direction, I posted something touching on it Here [B]Morphing[/B] Perhaps just [B]Morphed (What shape the hand symbolises) (Finger Slot)[/B] Examples: Morphed Dog P1 Morphed Eagle 11' Morphed Spider P (Not spinless but whatever.) Morphed Rock P23 Morphed Heart T1-T'1' (Might be a simultaneous trick with a roll as well.) At 0:10: Morphed Crab 121'2' At 0:18: Morphed Awkward Turtle WW' -> Morphed Kamehameha WW' [B]Snaking[/B] Just like Morphing. [B]Snaked (What the action symbolises) (Fingerslot)[/B] Examples: Snaked Finger Wave TF At 0:14: Snaked Serpent TF12 At 0:09: Snaked Barrel Roll WW' Thoughts? The Goal is to be able to break down this, this and this.

  2. shoeman6
    Date: Sat, Mar 19 2011 13:29:49

    Hmmm, there's no need to break down larger tricks imo, on a larger scale some "tricks" can become a part of style, if the trick happening doesn't affect the actual motion of the trick preformed it doesn't require extra notation, right? In which case those kinds of tricks would just be labelled as is ... and anything else would be implied or part of the style/theme/creativity of the spinner preforming the trick.

  3. 13371337
    Date: Wed, Mar 23 2011 15:29:30

    Needless complication.