Videos, Presentation and Music / [project][3.1] World Pen Spinning Editing Tournament

  1. Hippo2626
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 04:33:01

    I posted a thread awhile back on this: The discussion died out but I think it's important and will help the future of pen spinning collabs. I've done a lot of editing outside of Pen spinning and I've realised that editing collab videos can be very different from the general editing. It's hard to take editing skill from PSing and bring it the general editing. And though this is still an undeveloped prong of PSing, it has within itself system. [B]Organisation[/B] How will the tournament run? What is the expected participants? How long should the participants get for each round? Would the editors be allowed to get external help? (Probably no but how do we ensure they don't?) In the discussion on that thread, I suggested that we ask different spinners to provide diffierent clips for each round for the editors to work on. (Perhaps each round we get 1 or 2 clips that are in a 16:9 ratio to see how editors work around or use them.) I wasn't really active when the Pen Modding Tournament was around, so if anyone knows what the system of that tournament was please share! [B]Judging[/B] This is the most important part I want to bring up. How would collab video be better from another? The aspects of Pen Spinning Editing that are important I can think of is: Transitions Self explanatory. Lower level ones would be just fading of or using the presets. An example of a higher level transtion would be The Airtime. Music Syncing The lowest level would be to use the editing to sync to the music (Example: Minovate 3rd The text in the intro sequence ) but a more difficult way is to sync the spinning to the editing (Example: UPSB 2nd at 1:40 during Pen Ninja's aerial Haitua). Cleaness Something like the execution of the the editing world. I would contain things like no offcam moments by editing, clean transitions, no distortion of video and other stuff I can't remember right now. Intro Related to Overall theme but it is an important aspect to draw the attention of the viewer. Example, JEB 5th. Showing of names Related to the overall theme section lowere level would be text with fonts higher level would be using things like after effects. Good Example would be JEB 5th. Overall theme Encompasses the previous 2 items plus things like music choices, good tempo throughout and good credits. Example, JEB 5th. There is also another issue of who will the judges be? If all the best editors participate, who else is qualified. [B]Prizes[/B] Ideas? (Not very important though)

  2. shoeman6
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 15:44:14

    Have some WT spinners submit some clips and they would be distributed to all of the editors. More than enough clips, and some clips which aren't very good as well so the editor must filter as well. And perhaps differen't themes. No video templates?

  3. Hippo2626
    Date: Wed, Mar 16 2011 02:11:31

    Good idea with the filtering but I'm not sure if filtering is primarily the editors job or the organisers job now. themed battles for each round? Maybe each theme will test a different aspect of their editing. If this is the case, I think the WPSET (World Pen Spinning Editing Tournament) would have to be such that it wouldn't be a knockout round type thing but more of each editor would go through all rounds and cumulate points and the editor with the highest points would win. Video templates? Can you explain this??

  4. shoeman6
    Date: Wed, Mar 16 2011 02:20:48

    A lot of editing can use un-original material, I'm not sure how this would be regulated (that's what I meant). I think this would have to be approached more of an artistic creation, perhaps having the editor right a x word paragraph explaining their thoughts and their reasoning for their choices.

  5. Hippo2626
    Date: Wed, Mar 16 2011 03:00:03

    I guess if you are a better editor you'd always bring something new with each video like Madeye so if someone would use unoriginal material he wouldn't get as many points. I agree with the writeup thing. Most of your editing choices go unnoticed even though you put a lot of thought into it. Do you think it would be sufficient if 2 weeks for each round is long enough? Perhaps after 4 rounds?

  6. Zombo
    Date: Wed, Mar 16 2011 22:27:45

    on a related note, would be cool to see a "Collab Festival": people form teams (doesn't matter what community) and each week, one team is charged of releasing a collab. people can vote what colalb they like best

  7. Hippo2626
    Date: Sat, Mar 19 2011 02:29:01

    Based on the TOPS series, releasing a collab that frequently would be too quick and people would get bored. Once a month would be better. Although the TOPS series wasn't organised really well, If there was a strong team behind it could last very longer. Another idea would be an annual collab festival. Perhaps 1 week and different communities would be in charge or producing collabs for each day.