Tricks & Combos / Shaky Tap & Double Shaky Tap

  1. Pain spleener
    Date: Sun, Mar 6 2011 14:01:46

    My original post in FPSB : Google translation : e%2Fshaky-tap-t10624.html%23p257719&act=url [video=youtube;6VQMreXxNo8][/video] Departure: Palm down, mod XY, X and Y = T, 1, 2, 3, 4. Arrived: palm down, XY mod. Number of laps: 0.5 Execution: the fingers parallel mod, X rises, the last two phalanges (phalanx and distal phalanx) of Y and therefore Y is bend down (phalanx and distal phalanx). The mode is 1 / 4 turn. X then puts himself in the position of Y and vice versa for Y takes the position X. And the mod is 1 / 4 turn more. The fact of raising a finger and down the other creates an imbalance and how to turn the finger fold (by gravity). It pushes up the mod, not on the side as the Half Tap Back Tap. And there is no movement of the handle as Back Tap. It makes me quite thought of Triangle Pass too. To make a turn must move repeatedly fingers. But I do not think anyone in this family there. I chose the name Shaky Tap because the name shows the effect of gravity on the trick, imbalance, also because the pronunciation is argréable to say, short and funny. It makes me think of Shaggy. : D I did not give the name Dual Tap or Double Tap because it is reminiscent of the "Double Charge" and "Dual" is reminiscent of "Double".

  2. Freeman
    Date: Sun, Mar 6 2011 20:26:41

    This is what Le0n from GPC called a Dual Pass when he invented it. [video=youtube;WqU0hKcgy-8][/video] 0:25

  3. Pain spleener
    Date: Mon, Mar 7 2011 13:44:45

    In the same family, I think, but there are many differences. My fingers are parallel to the mod and I start with the fingers closed. leOn's fingers are perpendicular to the mod and begins with open fingers. If you want to do the figure of leOn with the starting position of my trick, you'll open your fingers horizontally and the mod will fall. For my trick, it does not fall because I never open the fingers horizontally. But I'm open vertically. It's different. To 0.5 turns (or more) leOn has to make a push with X. 0.5 for me I have to make a push with X THEN Y Otherwise it's only 0.25. I can not make more than 0.25 with a push because Y blocks. That's why I'm making a second push with Y to 0.5. Dual Pass: start => mod perpendicular to the fingers open. Shaky Tap: start => mod parallel to the fingers closed Dual Pass: finger movements => horizontal with a push of X. Shaky Tap: finger movements => vertical with a push of X (0.25) THEN Y (+0.25). Dual Pass: arrival => mod perpendicular to the fingers and fingers open. Shaky Tap: arrival => mod parallel to the fingers closed. Everything is already explained above. Reread and revisionist video.

  4. Freeman
    Date: Mon, Mar 7 2011 20:32:55

    Sorry, I posted before reading the thread in FPSB. Imo they are similar tricks, but different, as you said. But I think this needs more research, because they could be two variations of the same trick, it's something to determine.

  5. Pain spleener
    Date: Mon, Mar 21 2011 20:27:36

    Yes it's the same family, and I post now or I will never show and someone will eventually find them. As it happened for other tricks. I told myself that since I was 2 Tap to this trick, he was able to do a tap. As Charge / Double Charge. And it is possbile. You just go back to original position when the pen was 0.25. So he continued to race it 0.5. Otherwise it is blocked by the other finger. So in this case we can actually call the tap of the first video a Double Shaky Tap. And th new in this post : Shaky Tap. And "reverse" here as it spins like a Back Tap. No? [video=youtube;2TTiBzXaNp0][/video]

  6. hoiboy
    Date: Tue, Mar 22 2011 22:13:32

    I dunno. From what I've seen, NC has always named tricks by the movement it makes relative to the hand, not the push or the catch. Different pushes/catches can be classified as... techniques? (i.e. scissor spin ~> corkscrew method etc.)

  7. Pain spleener
    Date: Thu, Mar 24 2011 19:28:19

    The Scissor Spin or the Corkscrew are hybrids, the term "Shaky" would rather "Modifier: the modifier adds additional aspects to the base trick. Fingerless and Inverse are two examples of a modifier. The modifier is an optional addition depending on the trick performed. " (upsb wiki : As Flick, Side, Swivel, & co for me. Switch, Cross & co are still very different, as spinless, antispin, isolation. As very little or not used, or not in the NC, it's hard to speak for them. There may not even have enough to classify them Modifiers. But it will come.