Naming Committee / [topic][2.1] WT'11 Live Time Breakdowns

  1. hoiboy
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 08:07:54

    [B]Introduction:[/B] With the WT'11 coming up, and hosting more players than ever, there will undoubtedly be a rise in demand for breakdowns. The goal of this project is to provide breakdowns of ALL the videos of a round within one week of the release. [B]Goal:[/B] See above. [B]What I am looking for:[/B] I am looking for a team of dedicated (as in no dropping out after round 1) "breakers", preferably between 6-8. You have to be able to break down combos (there will be a test!) and you need to be able to handle a lot of stress. Please remember that round 1 will be the most stressful, while each subsequent round will become easier. [B]Other notes:[/B] I want to create a public signup thread for this project. I do not think that RD alone can handle the amount of breakdowns that are necessary. Therefore, I am proposing that we create a thread in General Discussion (or wherever) looking for volunteers.

  2. Erirornal Kraione
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 09:12:35

    Sounds good, and I'm willing to volunteer.

  3. Zombo
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 13:20:20

    wouah good luck with that; WT/WC combos tend to be very hard to breakdown and contain stuff previously unreleased or unnamed

  4. Hippo2626
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 13:52:16

    Yea what Zombo said, there'll be a ton of content that can't be broken down. I would like to take part but I don't think I can. I'll let you know later.

  5. strat1227
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 16:42:26

    yeah they would have to be unofficial breakdowns, but i think this is a really cool idea i guess you could consider me a reserve, i'm not great at breaking down combos though so only if you really need someone

  6. Frip
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 18:25:29

    You should start with second round tho :|

  7. hoiboy
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 19:48:44

    We'll probably give about 2 weeks for the 1st round, 1 week is really pushing it :/ If we have six people and 100 videos, that's about 1.1 videos per day for two weeks. It's do'able. I forgot to mention, but another part of this project is just working on the concept of breaking down new stuff. I was thinking if that the material was too hard for just one person to do, we could collaborate altogether.

  8. JC
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 20:37:42

    I think it'd require quite a bit of discussion to break down some new stuff...96 videos is too much lol. I agree with Frip that Round 1 videos should just be skipped, or maybe just take breakdown requests for Round1 and break down everything else from Round 2 onwards.

  9. Erirornal Kraione
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 21:24:01

    I was planning on breaking all the videos from WT down anyway. =/

  10. JC
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 21:36:50

    LOL nvm.. one man team! gogogo haha

  11. hoiboy
    Date: Mon, Dec 27 2010 22:57:52

    Alright, I'm going to post a public thread about this. @Zombo: If this is an RD project, do the people that get accepted into the breaking team become Researchers?

  12. strat1227
    Date: Tue, Dec 28 2010 00:19:39

    No, if you need somewhere for the whole group to work then we can make a temporary hidden subforum for you

  13. hoiboy
    Date: Tue, Dec 28 2010 01:13:56

    Sure, that'll probably work. So can I start a thread in GD about this?

  14. strat1227
    Date: Tue, Dec 28 2010 01:23:38

    Before you do that you should probably figure out how you're going to choose people. Just anyone who signs up?

  15. hoiboy
    Date: Tue, Dec 28 2010 01:31:20 I test all potential applicants with the break down of the video. Too many mistakes (as in more than 10%) means no.

  16. strat1227
    Date: Tue, Dec 28 2010 01:35:36

    Nice, that's a good idea plus it makes sure they're actually willing to break down a video, it'd be really easy to say "sure" and then not be actually willing to do it. i'd say go ahead and post it up

  17. Hippo2626
    Date: Tue, Dec 28 2010 01:45:50

    How about inviting those who are actively breaking things in the breakdown request thread like Archermitch.