Pens & Mods / [topic][2.2] Weight Distribution Graph

  1. Hippo2626
    Date: Thu, Dec 23 2010 07:58:58

    I know I'm not in the Pen & Mods section of the RD but whatever. I guess the title describes it all. (Not that the graphs I drew out are very VERY bad estimates of the actual thing plus I don't actually own some of the mods...) Basically weight by length I think this graph will be good to demonstrate how different types of mods help improve style, aid in control and limitless other possibilities. There are some problems with it though. Firstly, it's hard to be very accurate with the graph. It's also gonna' be a pain for everyone to wants to use this diagram to be able to draw it out (which is also the reason why the graphs are so inaccurate.) I was wondering if anyone could come up with a software or something to create the graphs digitally? The graph does not have to be precise to the tee so it could just be by sections (tip, cap, body, blah blah blah). Maybe with the information from this thread: we can gather similar information for the other parts, we can use that and apply it to the diagram

  2. strat1227
    Date: Thu, Dec 23 2010 14:53:55

    how accurate are these? I like the idea but it really looks like you just kinda traced the outline of the pen lol for example, isn't the heaviest part of the buster those gigantic metal tips? why is your drawing saying that the buster is the lightest at the ends

  3. hoiboy
    Date: Thu, Dec 23 2010 17:03:21

    Gotta put on a scale man. How do you measure weight distrib. anyways?

  4. shoeman6
    Date: Thu, Dec 23 2010 17:10:43

    Would the graphs be measured on a scale, or just relative weight barrel vs tip, mass also plays an important factor.

  5. strat1227
    Date: Thu, Dec 23 2010 17:26:30

    weigh each individual part, then put that weight on a graph, not that hard if someone had a scale and all the pens i don't have either though lol

  6. Hippo2626
    Date: Fri, Dec 24 2010 02:59:44

    I totally estimated all the graphs (and they were all done under 65 minutes) so they are very inaccurate. I thought that the tips look like that on a graph because they are cone shape. I'll try to make a more accurate one but I guess the main problem is getting all the weights for all the parts. Anyone willing to do that? I can't...

  7. Nachoaddict
    Date: Wed, Dec 29 2010 06:39:30

    Also don't use a controversial mod like iMatt's version of the Baaron DC. At least don't refer to it as the real one since a tutorial hasn't been released publicly.

  8. Hippo2626
    Date: Sat, Jan 1 2011 13:40:31

    There's still a problem with when different parts of the pen overlap. like for the Minwoo mod when comssa cap is over superpirat body. Also if there's different parts have to be cut like cutting grips to sections and stuff. I was thinking since it doesn't have to be super precise, we can assume that the entire cap, grip or barrel has an evenly distributed weight so when part overlaps or has to be cut, you can take the length of the part and the weight based on it. (only applies to the parts that don't have very obvious uneven weight distribution)

  9. Hippo2626
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 06:27:42 I think this can be used to plot the graph

  10. hoiboy
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 06:42:52

    So can a graphing calculator. We're debating the wrong thing here. It's supposed to be "how can we measure weight distrib." as opposed to "how can we graph " ""

  11. Hippo2626
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 07:06:14

    I meant you can use that website to plot the weight distribution graph if/when we gather the lengths and weights of the different parts. While we're on that topic, I have been starting to get the different lengths and weights of the different parts but I don't have excess to a lot of important pens so I can't measure those pens.

  12. shoeman6
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 15:48:50

    Why not just a measure of momentum on each side of the pen from the COP? so weight of each side and a velocity constant to give people an idea of the mass they would have to move. You could use water displacement for the body and two caps, then use the volume and find the density too, because density of the material is important in the spinnability as well.

  13. 13371337
    Date: Wed, Mar 23 2011 15:31:24

    None of these things you suggest give any indication of distribution though and that is the topic here. I think any method of finding weight distribution would not be practicle for most pen spinners. It's over complicated and unnecassary.