Research Department / Topics and stuff

  1. Mats
    Date: Mon, Dec 13 2010 01:15:02

    I can't remember how the complex topic/shit works so I'm not doing it anymore. It's not like we're doing so much research we can't keep track of it all. Let's just stick to thread titles, like on the forum. I blame the numbers getting too complex for the lack of research in the RD at the moment.

  2. strat1227
    Date: Mon, Dec 13 2010 01:20:41

    It's not that hard, each project has a number, and then each thread in the topic gets its own number after the . so your project in Pens was project 1, and that thread was the first in the project so it's 1.1 if you don't want to do it the mods will edit them in, no biggie

  3. Mats
    Date: Mon, Dec 13 2010 01:22:35

    Well that's great. :) I find the whole numbering process awfully confusing and surely am not the only one.