Naming Committee / [topic][5.1]Hand Notations And Finger slot

  1. Hippo2626
    Date: Sun, Sep 19 2010 09:01:52

    As of now these are the current names for the hand notations and finger slots

    Copied from Wiki Hand notation 1 = index finger 2 = middle finger 3 = ring finger 4 = pinky finger T = thumb TF = thumb flap (area between the thumb and index finger) P = palm of the hand B = back of the hand (opposite the palm) Examples: finger slots 12 = between the index and middle fingers 23 = between the middle and ring fingers T1 = between the thumb and index finger 24 = between the middle and pinky fingers T12 = between the thumb, index and middle fingers TF = in the "web" of skin between the thumb and index finger, as opposed to being between the main portions of both fingers.
    In pen spinning today, the usage of other body parts is very prominent. Namely the wrist, elbow and the entire hand. Others like the nose, knee and toes have been used. The most obvious way of naming these areas are by using and capitalizing the first alphabet of the body part. eg. Wrist - W Elbow - E Arm - A Knee -K Nose - N However is the usage of other body parts continue to expand there is bound to be a clash of letters. For the notations of the toes perhaps each toe be given a number after 5 to avoid confusion with finger notations. 6 being the biggest toe and 10 being the smallest toe. Also usage of several unnamed finger slots have also been used. Namely the different bendable joints on the fingers. The different bends could be named as the finger number followed by subscript a, b and c. a being the one furthest from the palm and c being the one closet to the palm. This is however very meticulous for writing typing out. Discuss away.

  2. Freeman
    Date: Mon, Sep 20 2010 12:11:22

    On FPSB they already worked on a notation for phalanxes. It's the same you say, but with x, y and z, and with the thumb having only the x and z phalanxes. Here's the thread: On the other hand I agree with expanding the fingerslot notation. Maybe H for Hand could be used too, being hand the sum of all 5 fingers + the palm / back. EDIT: I thought that more specification can be applied to phalanx notation to show when the pen is between two of them. Example: We can have the pen in Tz1y, this is between the distal thumb phalanx and the intermediate index one. If we move the pen to the joint between both phalanxes (intermediate and distal) on the index finger that could be notated as Tz1yz. So then we have three phalanxes: x, y and z. And three phalanx joints: xy, yz and xz (this last one for the thumb only). Also maybe something similar with the palm-finger joint could be applied.

  3. Freeman
    Date: Sat, Feb 12 2011 14:15:29

    Sorry for reviving this thread, but I wonder if we should include these new terms to hand notation to identify: the whole hand (H), the wrist (W), arm (A) and elbow (E); because nowadays these parts of the body are becoming more used by spinners. If so, we should release a short article as it was done when including P and B.

  4. shoeman6
    Date: Sat, Feb 12 2011 14:48:25

    I think this would work, in a sort of hierarchial order. For instance, you would name the largest body part first, and then name any adjacent body art in brackets behind it. This would allow you to better/more accuratley describe large movements, and even smallers ones, such as the hands and fingers. So we could use the x,y,z to describe not only the phalanxes of the finger but also with increasing accuracy, the position of the hands arms and even body if need be. The problem comes in notating in an understandable and more intuitive way... Also we would need to expand the sub-notation of the hands arms and elbows to support suplination and rotation. Seeing how these joints do not have the 3 that figners do we could simply have an [A] for arm, and then specify x,y,z to the shoulder elbow and wrist. And then use [x]^x or y for rotation and _l or r for joint movement left or right

  5. shoeman6
    Date: Sun, Mar 13 2011 13:44:52

    Use of a <-> or <> to show relationships between tricks or repeated sections.... Ta <-> Ta rev. This would be more versatile than the harmonic modifier, and used to show mini combos and then perhaps have another symbol which modifies the original for the second time. Ta (ext) -> Ta rev <

  6. Hippo2626
    Date: Mon, Mar 14 2011 04:44:19

    I think for repeated sections it would be better if you use another bracket form like [] or {} so you can show the range of repeated sections. Harmonics are still breakdown-able like TA harmonic x4 T1-T1 but it gets annoying to break down when you get to things like repeated powertrick sections. For example Peems finisher in Minovate 3rd can be broken down as {Thumbaround T1-T1 ~ Palmspin 0.5 P ~ FL. TA. P-T1 ~ Haitua T1-T1} x4 ~ Haitua T1-T1