Pens & Mods / [4.1] Engraving Pen mods

  1. Zen
    Date: Tue, Jul 8 2014 03:38:54

    Might as well make the best of this part of the board. Granted I am just using this place to bounce ideas around. If anyone cares to post it would be appreciated So what is engraving? Basically it is etching out letters or a design on metals or plastic. They are more commonly used for engagement rings and whatnot. UPSB has a word for this, [B]Frosting[/B] It is a very rare procedure that has been on the back burners for all of modding history, except for two incidents. So i while pursuing TEK's photobucket i found a interesting pen mod. The mod features an engraving, the word Johnny, i presume as the letter are hard to make out. The pen mod is no longer in TEK's possession and has traded hands over to Louis-TW, an avid pen collector. The next one i do not have a picture of. This pen mod was the original mod that used frosting methods. They were a pair made by Kam himself. Yes i am talking about the ultra-rare two of a kind MMXs that were given to @Zombo if you can, please send an email so that it is not released online and so only i can have it. I give you my word that no efforts will be gone into reproducing the picture or frankly the mod itself. Now frosting although a rather rare procedure, frosting on a pen can be quite easy. The tools required for an engraving for example "Johnny", TEK used a dremel. Dremels are used for engraving. (Keep in mind Frosting and engraving are not the same thing. Frosting is the general term, in pen spinning, while engraving is a type of frosting. Engraving in this case are letters.) But one can also use an X-acto knife as per instruction in the wiki. Before i can make a statement on the implications and the uses of frosting further research will have to be done. But generally it should change the texture of certain mods, without changing, for instance the body and cap as seen in the S777 mx. Regards Zen

  2. Zombo
    Date: Mon, Jul 21 2014 04:27:22

    sorry but your information is inaccurate, kam did not created frosted mods for me and tohlz. they were the two original prototypes for the momentum mx.

  3. shoeman6
    Date: Mon, Jul 21 2014 04:36:55

    Louis is a personal friend of mine, I could ask him about the pen. (Although I'm not sure if he still has it) The engraving looks like that of the seven mod insert btw. Try engraving with a heated exacto knife. Maybe begin first with patterns then move on to designs Alternative. Try frosting in designs. Use some carpenters tape to cover what you do not want to be frosted and frost in a design into the pen barrel.

  4. Zen
    Date: Mon, Jul 21 2014 13:50:22

    @shoeman6 yeah i saw it on his photobucket, but if you can get in contact it would be great. I tried doing cut with an rsvp cap, and it is quite easy, the only problem would be that i don't have any ideas as of yet, i am still experimenting. One thing for sure though, the texture is not as good as i thought it would be. I tried doing an X-acto type cut, one similar to the one found on the X-acto knife. Just trying to keep the researcher's department a little more alive.

  5. shoeman6
    Date: Mon, Jul 21 2014 14:09:05

    @Zen Zombo said your information is incorrect, they were MX Momentums.

  6. Zen
    Date: Mon, Jul 21 2014 14:18:29

    shoeman6 wrote: @Zen Zombo said your information is incorrect, they were MX Momentums.
    Yeah i know, MX Momentums made by Kam, they were prototypes but they were given away? Am i missing something here?

  7. Zombo
    Date: Sun, Aug 3 2014 15:32:16

    Zen wrote: Yeah i know, MX Momentums made by Kam, they were prototypes but they were given away? Am i missing something here?
    when kam was developing the MX momentum, he created two prototypes. He then decided to give them away to me and tohlz. They do not contain any frosting or engraving of any kind and should thus be omitted from this article.

  8. Ceru Seiyu
    Date: Sat, Nov 15 2014 19:36:31

    I once frosted an rsvp barrel that I used for about a year, until it later broke. I had rubbed it with acetone and then later gone over the body and scraped it with an exacto, so the barrel gained a "frosted glass" look on the insert. The feel is very weird but the effect can look pretty cool, I find that it works best on tinted barrels.