Research Department / WC14 judging system

  1. RPD
    Date: Tue, Sep 10 2013 14:44:02

    I dont know how the rulebook was published without a post in RD before. Anyway, i dont agree with the judging system. So I'm going to propose another one. If you dont agree, please answer why. I would not want this post to be heavily ignored by RD members... ACTUAL SYSTEM 5p - Execution 5p - Difficulty 5p - Creativity 5p - Presentation 5p - Theme NEW SYSTEM 5p - Execution 5p - Difficulty 5p - Creativity Penalties: 3p - Bad presentation 3p - Lack of creative progression 3p - Combo aesthetics dont match the theme The system is simple. A combo where the spinner has put a bit of effort will be judged over 15 points. I thought about this penalty system to give more importance to progression in the combos, and less to the "wow so smooth" or "wow so creative" effect. This means, for example, a random spinner gets a combo in R1 that is almost perfect in all the fields, and does only minor variations in the rest of the rounds. How is he judged in the last system? R1 - over 20p R2 - over 20p R3 - over 20p The tricks may still be creative because no one did them before him, but he is not being creative. its like submitting the same combo in every round. How is he judged in the new system? R1 - over 15p R2 - over 14p R3 - over 13p R4 - over 12p And the penalty could even be faster. Also, i think that now presentation has too much importance while filming a combo. This should only be taken into account when the presentation is horrible and you cant really see what he is doing (first penalty) or when the presentation doesnt match the theme (third penalty) So under normal conditions, presentation is ignored but in some special cases, it can be even more important than before.

  2. Zombo
    Date: Thu, Sep 12 2013 22:12:44

    wc14 rules are typically published publicly so that feedback can be collected from all comunities

  3. RPD
    Date: Thu, Sep 12 2013 22:23:13

    Yaemgo and I are working in a new system, with more specific definitions and more criteria. We'll talk with you when its finished

  4. Iota
    Date: Tue, Oct 8 2013 23:58:35

    I like the direction that's moving in @RPD, but I don't understand how you get R1 - over 15p R2 - over 14p R3 - over 13p R4 - over 12p in the example given; haven't you stated that each penalty is -3 points, and isn't the maximum 15/15 in this system? So shouldn't whatever they get go down by 3 each time? .-.

  5. RPD
    Date: Thu, Oct 10 2013 13:07:18

    The idea of that penalty is not substracting 3 points each round, but a max of 3 points, without accumulating them.

  6. Iota
    Date: Thu, Oct 10 2013 16:54:14

    Ahhhh okay makes sense, that wasn't clear to me before xD