Naming Committee / Breakdown parsing web engine

  1. RPD
    Date: Sun, Jun 2 2013 19:11:35

    Hi everyone! I will make it public soon, with a much more clean post, and with more info than a single link. But maybe some people of UPSB RD want to participate in the project Link of the discussion in FPSB here The post is full english, dont worry 8D @fang

    Spoilerwhat you could do for this is just a trick list with the preset values for each trick. I said you to do it only if you have free time because its long as hell work. It should be something like this trucos[0] = new Array(); trucos[0][0]=""; //Trick name trucos[0][1]=""; //Hand position trucos[0][2]=""; //Starting slot trucos[0][3]=""; //Ending slot an example would be trucos[0] = new Array(); trucos[0][0]="tw sonic"; //Trick name trucos[0][1]="PD"; //Hand position trucos[0][2]="23"; //Starting slot trucos[0][3]="12"; //Ending slot trucos[1] = new Array(); trucos[1][0]="flush sonic"; //Trick name trucos[1][1]="PS"; //Hand position trucos[1][2]="23"; //Starting slot trucos[1][3]="23"; //Ending slot and so on with all the tricks. Remember to only put tricks, no modifiers like inverse, etc.

  2. Zombo
    Date: Tue, Jun 4 2013 20:14:35

    i remember kari-chan made a breakdown tool online, not sure whats the link though

  3. RPD
    Date: Tue, Jun 4 2013 20:44:33

    nice :D If you get the link, please, post it here BTW, working a lot with fel in developing this, so it will be a very powerful tool. I'm sure :D

  4. Zombo
    Date: Tue, Jun 4 2013 20:56:51

    sorry not kari-chan, but it was another aussie edit: by jess

  5. Zkhan
    Date: Tue, Jun 4 2013 21:01:03

    Here's a breakdown generator by jess. and, here is the old thread with Zombo's combo generator

  6. shoeman6
    Date: Tue, Jun 4 2013 21:04:46

    GPC also made a combo generator similar to Zombos, I'm not sure if it's still online though.

  7. Zombo
    Date: Sun, Jun 9 2013 15:07:14

    my combo generator is not a breakdown tool tho, it actually creates combos for you.

  8. RPD
    Date: Mon, Jun 10 2013 13:23:31

    Even thinking that the objective of my program and those you say it's not the same, I like the idea that you still remember them That kinda means that mine won't fall in a shithole

  9. fel2fram
    Date: Tue, Jun 11 2013 18:42:03

    If you achieve your project, making a combo generator will be easy as pie :p

  10. iColor
    Date: Wed, Aug 7 2013 06:58:48

    Bumping with somewhat relative idea: I've been thinking a lot of how Google's Autocomplete learns through the use of n-grams. It learns "language". Given enough data, I want to see a project that can "learn" pen spinning as a language and create combos on it's own given a seed. Ambitious, haha. It's just an idea, but I've been doing quite a bit of research on the topic, and programming aspect.

  11. RPD
    Date: Wed, Aug 7 2013 09:57:27

    what i would want to do is a 3d-sketcher based in breakdowns, but its too much ATM, as your project. Both really interesting though :) Anyway, I'm (trying to) reworking all that in Java, but I've not done a lot because I'm laaaazy. I'm supposing that you can read this... can you right? e.e @iColor (theoretical BD input / user input) (theoretical BD parsing) Object creation! Combo combo1 = new Combo(); Trick truco1 = new Trick(); truco1.addHandPosModifier(new Modifier("PS")); truco1.addTrickName("TA"); truco1.addSlot(new Slot(new String[]{"T","2"})); truco1.addSlot(new Slot(new String[]{"T","1"})); combo1.add(truco1); Trick truco2 = new Trick(); truco2.addHandPosModifier(new Modifier("PS")); truco2.addTrickName("IA"); truco2.addSlot(new Slot(new String[]{"T","1"})); truco2.addSlot(new Slot(new String[]{"1","2"})); combo1.add(truco2);; Program output: ------------------------------------------- [ trickAL - Trick AL ] ------------------------------------------- trick nº0 -handPosModifierAL - Modifier AL --handPosModifier nº0 ---name:PS -mainModifierAL - Modifier AL -trickNameAL - String AL --TA -secondaryModifierAL - Modifier AL -aerialModifierAL - Modifier AL -spin - BigDecimal null -slotAL - Slot AL --slot nº0 ---slotConstructorAL - SlotConstructor AL ----SlotConstructor nº0 -----name:T ----SlotConstructor nº1 -----name:2 --slot nº1 ---slotConstructorAL - SlotConstructor AL ----SlotConstructor nº0 -----name:T ----SlotConstructor nº1 -----name:1 -formalPushModifier - FormalPush --pushSlot: null --spin: null -formalSpinModifier - FormalSpin --spin: null -formalCatchModifier - FormalCatch --spin: null ------------------------------------------- trick nº1 -handPosModifierAL - Modifier AL --handPosModifier nº0 ---name:PS -mainModifierAL - Modifier AL -trickNameAL - String AL --IA -secondaryModifierAL - Modifier AL -aerialModifierAL - Modifier AL -spin - BigDecimal null -slotAL - Slot AL --slot nº0 ---slotConstructorAL - SlotConstructor AL ----SlotConstructor nº0 -----name:T ----SlotConstructor nº1 -----name:1 --slot nº1 ---slotConstructorAL - SlotConstructor AL ----SlotConstructor nº0 -----name:1 ----SlotConstructor nº1 -----name:2 -formalPushModifier - FormalPush --pushSlot: null --spin: null -formalSpinModifier - FormalSpin --spin: null -formalCatchModifier - FormalCatch --spin: null (theoreticall sorting and final output) I've been working in this like... 3 days? haha not a lot I must say but i want to do an almost perfect object creation and i dont have it. Lots of nulls, lots of missing methods, etc~

  12. iColor
    Date: Wed, Aug 7 2013 20:59:58

    Interesting, but what do you plan to accomplish with this framework? It seems like it's a lot of work to get access and manipulate data.

  13. RPD
    Date: Wed, Aug 7 2013 21:03:22

    my objective? you enter a breakdown, and the program fixes its fails. Just a base to future projects, probably.