Philosophy / Observations on Pen Spinning Notation

  1. shoeman6
    Date: Thu, Mar 7 2013 20:16:14

    Just a bit of informal observations on the state of notation that I threw together last fall. There are a few glaring inaccuracies / problems with the methodology and background so it's not scientific at all. You can read about it at this link: If you have any comments, questions or opinions, post here. If you have any ideas on improving notation, or really researching any aspect of pen spinning i highly encourage you to join the research team and share your contributions :).

  2. RPD
    Date: Thu, Mar 7 2013 22:47:27

    Some strong arguments there, a must read. Posted in SPSC :)

  3. LighT*
    Date: Fri, Mar 8 2013 04:24:43

    wow, you out did yourself loved it <3

  4. SuperVValrus
    Date: Fri, Mar 8 2013 12:33:28

    lol too bad I can't notate for shit :(

  5. Mats
    Date: Fri, Mar 8 2013 18:08:04

    I think I will write a small ebook on current notation over this year, rather than working on any major updating of the trick book, which seems to cover a huge percentage of tricks already. Thanks for the study Shoeman6! (btw, why do you have the 6 at the end of your name?)