Tricks & Combos / Isolations

  1. Kyoflow
    Date: Sun, Apr 29 2012 05:45:47

    Hey guys im new to the research department and heres something I've been expecting to see in the artistic category but nobody has taken advantage of it. Isolations is an illusion created in many different manipulative arts, the most popular being contact juggling and pam isolations: [video=youtube;NZfsZymAcAY][/video] Theres also hoop, poi, and even cards: [video=youtube;BRuiGq5TBZc][/video] [video=youtube;DcnGirm8w2U][/video] [video=youtube;rLT0RZzVviw][/video] now how can this apply to pen spinning? many of the card isolations can be applied since a card is small enough to fit in our hands, but in order to take full advantage of isolations, has anybody tried using these concepts in our combos?: [video=youtube;O8I-KWJ0ITk][/video] starts at about 1:30 many of those isolation tricks can be transferred. I practice with this concept everyday, but as i am not as talented of a spinner as many people, i havent gotten much further pass isolations from triangle pass, would anybody like to expand further on this concept? edit: @Hippo2626 LOL your r5 video had isolations in the beginning and it was uploaded 2 hours after my post. and there you have it, isolation used in pen spinning: [video=youtube;FQf3s6446Do][/video] so heres the proof of concept in hippo's vid

  2. Hippo2626
    Date: Sun, Apr 29 2012 09:09:02

    just to let you know, isolations is a fairly old concept in PSing already. First did by Dathroat in 2008: It's been highly developed over the years already.

  3. Kyoflow
    Date: Sun, Apr 29 2012 09:16:27

    its still not seen as often as it could be since there are still many things to explore in isolations

  4. Hippo2626
    Date: Sun, Apr 29 2012 09:21:37

    back in 2010 wc, there was a lot of exploration in it and in that year it got quite popular. It has died down now though. Watch the that tournament, there'll be a lot of cool stuff there. If you have excess to the the v3 rd, here are the threads for it.

  5. Kyoflow
    Date: Sun, Apr 29 2012 09:31:32

    never got pass being a newcomer on v3 :P i will go take a look at the 2010 wc though thanks for the info